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About Us

Second Mile Ministries is a faith-based not-for-profit organization that exists to provide for the physical needs of some of Haiti’s most fragile children while empowering their mothers through health education and small business opportunities.

Second Mile Ministries is a 501(C)(3) non-profit. We operate out of Tucson, Arizona and are located in Northern Haiti, near Cap Haitian.

Family in Haiti

Second Mile Ministries exists to…

Meet An Immediate Need

Many families in Northern Haiti lack the resources to meet some of life’s most basic needs: food and water, shelter and security, and health care. In a place where hygiene and sanitation are luxuries rather than the norm, preventable and treatable illnesses become deadly. Many families in the Cap Haitien area are unable to take their children to the hospital when ill or to purchase medication. When families see no other chance of survival, sick and disabled children are often surrendered at orphanages or abandoned near hospitals. SMM will offer life-saving medication and treatment for infants and young children who require extended inpatient care for malnutrition and other related illnesses.


Provide A Long-Term Answer

Surrendering a child to an orphanage is not a long term answer for families and causes heartache for both parent and child. SMH desires to use relevant healthcare training to empower mothers to become leaders in their community and to share their knowledge with others. Through participation in income generating projects mothers will be able to create for themselves the initial revenue needed to begin local commerce. Every mom hopes for the chance to feed her family, send her children to school, and obtain healthcare resources when her children are sick. Our hope is that every mom will leave Second Mile Haiti with the tools to make these ambitions a reality.

Keep Families Together

SMH believes that a mother can be a child’s most important nurse. The presence of one’s mother provides an element of healing that is irreplaceable. It can take as many as three months for a child to fully recover from malnutrition and related illnesses. Instead of removing a child from his mother’s arms and the security and emotional connectedness found there, SMH will come alongside the mother. When inpatient care is the only option, treatment and rehabilitation will take place on the Second Mile Haiti site where mothers will stay for the course of the child’s recovery. SMH desires to foster confidence in young and older mothers alike by teaching them about their child’s illness and what actions can be taken in the community to prevent recurrence and the spread of disease.

Build Strong Communities

SMH will invest in a staff of Haitian leaders who will convey a sense of hope and responsibility to the women who leave Second Mile and to others who participate in Second Mile programs.

Create Hope For the Future

We desire to see mothers and fathers have the ability to send not just one or two but all of their children to school. We desire to see individuals experience less episodes of illness each year. We desire to see successful local businesses and all people living to their full potential.