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Gift of Tools

November 16, 2012

Holiday Gift

• Tools = $75 – Gifts needed: 5

Who doesn’t love to receive a new set of tools at Christmas? Really, they make great gifts. And they’ve made it onto our wish list this year too. Access to tools means that when work needs to be done around the property we can hire local workers with less experience to do the job. Workers who have been trained in carpentry, plumbing, or electrical repair but can’t afford to purchase their own tools can gain experience and earn money while working on Second Mile Haiti projects. Another win-win. Don’t worry about shipping them. We’ll buy these tools from local moms and dads who have made selling hardware their business. A gift of $75 would get us started with hand saws, hammers, screw drivers, and other basics.

Product Options
Order Gift of Tools Tools @ $75.00
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