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Land and Animals: Projects in Sustainability

November 16, 2012

Holiday Gift

haiti cows


Renting a piece of Land: $2,500 for 5 years.

We are one year deep in our efforts to run Second Mile Haiti in the most sustainable way possible. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that growing food is totally hard, but totally worth it! We’ve also learned that in terms of crops, beans and corn give us the most bang for our buck. We live in a region where corn, and several varieties of beans can grow all year long; this past year we enjoyed two bountiful harvests! What do we do with the goods, you ask? Corn and beans are Haitian staple foods which means they can be served several times a week to the employees and the mothers. This keeps our food budget tremendously low. Additionally, we grind the corn which supplements a nutritionally balanced chicken feed and surplus beans are sold to neighbors of Second Mile. The local community benefits through access to an affordable local source of beans for 1) planting 2) food or 3) resale in other markets. How will more land help? More beans, more corn, more harvests each year! And less strain on Second Mile Haiti’s general and food budgets.

Need: $2,500

Animals: 5 pregnant cows. $750/cow

Cows: Did you know that Second Mile has six cows? We use our cow milk daily to make enriched milk to support kids in their recovery from malnutrition. All excess milk is sold. However, only 2 of these cows are at an age and a stage where they can be milked. In 2014, we would like to purchase 5 additional pregnant cows, so that we will always have access to fresh milk for use and for sale. Future projects include making cheese and yogurt to sell to local markets.

Need: 5 one-time gifts of $750

second mile haiti sustainability

Animals: 150 chickens. $20/each chicken.

Chickens and eggs have been a successful business venture for Second Mile. As of right now we are producing 420 eggs each week. We are selling these eggs at profit to local businesses, NGOs, and our ex-pat friends. Second Mile’s eggs are in high demand since 90% of eggs in Haiti are imported from the Dominican Republic. People are obsessed with having nutritious local eggs. A gift of $20 provides for the purchase of 1 chicken (maintenance costs included, e.g. vaccinations, feed for 3 months, and building costs for chicken coop). $3,000 buys 150 Haiti-born chickens for Second Mile Haiti.

Need$3000 or $20/chicken

Animals: 10 Turkeys. $37.50/turkey

Did you know that many Haitians prefer turkey meat to chicken? We would like to dip our hands in raising turkeys in 2014.

Need: $375 or 10 gifts of $37.50

Product Options
1Education Center$1,000.001
2Education Center$500.003
3Education Center$100.0010
4Education Center$50.0014
5Education Center$25.0027
Order Gift of Education
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